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Alli K Photography © 2019 | SC Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

a photographer for

the adventurers and the homebodies.

the outgoing and the thoughtful.

the jokesters and the romantics

Hey, I'm Alli K! 

I'm a red-head who loves to take photos, write, hike, and travel. I have a wonderful God who gives me the incredible opportunity to do photography all over the world. I'm a proud enneagram 4w3. I adore the color green. I wish I could eat steak quesadillas, chips and queso, or kraft mac-n-cheese for every meal. I've been working on traveling to one new country every year since I was a senior in high school because I love exploring the world. On a day off, I love to go to coffee shops around Greenville or on a hike with friends. I'm a hopeless romantic who loves love and people. So, this is kinda the best job in the entire world.

Let's adventure together!


The authentic you,

artistically captured



"Alli has a way of making you feel incredible comfortable and beautiful. She is kind, helpful, and so, so talented. She works efficiently and effectively. She has an eye for photography like no other. She has the most beautiful, unique style that is 100% Alli and 100% gorgeous. She was SO prompt in getting photos back. I could go on forever! I can't say enough good things."

- Monica