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Hey, I'm Alli K!

Most days you can find me wearing green in a coffee shop or singing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs while my cats look at me like I’m crazy.


I have a wonderful God who allows me the incredible opportunity through photography to join in with what he is doing around the world.


I love hiking, going to concerts, good conversations over coffee with friends, and trying to beat my family in Monopoly. My favorite season is fall and I'm in love with the stars. I would gladly eat quesadillas or kraft mac-n-cheese for every meal. I love traveling around the world and I've been to 7 different countries! 


My goal is to give you photos that you will look back on and think this is exactly who we are.


Whether you are a romantic or a goofball, thoughtful or outgoing, an adventurer or a homebody, I want to capture the authentic you.


I am based in Greenville, South Carolina and available worldwide. It would be an honor to capture your story!

Let's adventure together! 


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one of the things I’ve learned throughout my life is the faithfulness and consistency of God. I wanted to somehow represent this in my logo and my MEGA talented friend McKenna brought my design dreams to life!

I told her how I’ve always felt the presence of the Lord deeply whenever I’ve been stargazing. A particular constellation has always been there when I’ve adventured around different parts of the globe: The Big Dipper


I distinctly remember sitting outside with my Ugandan neighbors during my time in Kampala and tracing the outline of the Big Dipper in the sky with them and being reminded of such a steady, loving God. Ever since the Big Dipper became a symbolic element in my life.

The authentic you,

artistically captured



"Alli has a way of making you feel incredible comfortable and beautiful. She is kind, helpful, and so, so talented. She works efficiently and effectively. She has an eye for photography like no other. She has the most beautiful, unique style that is 100% Alli and 100% gorgeous. She was SO prompt in getting photos back. I could go on forever! I can't say enough good things."

- Monica